Annual reports at their best

Annual reports are one of GORR’s specialities.

Annual reports are prepared and published in the first quarter of the year. The companies preparing them are almost always in a hurry, rushing with last-minute corrections and audits. The reports are also sizable and usually a mixture of many subject matters: business, financial, and technical. As a result, they call for a multi-skilled team of translators and reviewers.

Just recently, we have been entrusted with a translation of 125,000 source words of an annual report from Slovenian to English and have been receiving 5 to 15 update files a day.


✔️ Quick turnaround

From the first contact to the delivery – GORR always works quickly. We know annual reports are almost always last-minute, so we make sure to meet your tight deadline. Our project managers are also available for potential subsequent text changes and questions.

✔️ Professional and experienced team

At GORR, we only work with professional translators with many years of experience in the given field. All our translators and editors go through a careful recruiting process. Most of our translators have been with us for many years and have proven themselves numerous times, so we know we can rely on their skills.

✔️ Translation memory to ensure consistency and quality

Since annual reports are prepared every year, much of the text from the previous year gets reused. With the help of our software, we store your annual reports in our translation memory to ensure consistency and high quality. Long-term partnership pays and results in higher quality!

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