Going Online to Bridge the Crisis

The global health issue raised by coronavirus has shaken our world with uncertainties and fear for our lives, families and workplaces. Overnight we needed to adopt new routines, tirelessly wash our hands and obey the #stayathome measures.

Despite the challenges, confusion and fear, many people have managed to keep a good spirit and a lot of us have opened those dusty drawers and wardrobes waiting to be tidied for years. The good part is also that we could spend some more quality time with the closest ones and check in with ourselves and our inner being.

Many of you were also restless and afraid to lose your job or close your business. With production units, beauty salons, cafes and hotels closed – the global economy is in great shock with an ocean of companies not quite certain how deep this trend is still to dive. On the other hand, retailers, medical and pharmaceutical industries, e-shops and some other industries are likely to score with remarkable results in this quarter.

The businesses which are currently stagnating or experiencing great loss have consequently put numerous services, projects and investments on hold. Many have however put their heads into new marketing projects, updating their contents, policies or corporate images and preparing strategic scenarios for the uncertain future.

A lot of companies have bridged the crisis by migrating their businesses online – with a good provider this can happen in just a couple of weeks. With an equally good language provider you can quickly make your website multilingual and address your audience in different locations from a single spot. If you add more language versions to your website, your visit and sale will inevitably go up, which is why translation and localization of an online business or e-shop can never be a bad investment. Without disclosing the actual figures, HubSpot representatives said that adding a couple of new languages to their portfolio resulted in more than 1000 % of ROI. So if you considered adding English, German or Croatian to your website in order to address a larger group of customers, this minimum investment can bring just what your business needs to excel.

We therefore encourage you to be proactive, creative and think positively. Use this challenging time for personal and professional makeover, bold projects and promising investments.
We of course remain at your disposal to support you along that way.