How to distinguish between a good and bad translation quote

Ordering translation services


In the new year, your company will probably require some translation services. Here, however, a dilemma arises: which translation agency to choose? GORR has put together a list of things to look out for:



If you have to wait forever for the quote to appear in your e-mail inbox, forget about the order. A good translation agency will send you a quote quickly, in a matter of hours.

Also pay attention to the agency’s language. If their e-mail is full of mistakes, this is most definitely not a good sign, and in all probability, the service will not be the best either.



A professional agency will perform an analysis of your text and send you a quote with an exact number of words and the price. If you receive a quote that says: “We can do it for approx. 200 euros”, do not even consider accepting that quote. The quote must also contain the delivery date, so you do not have to wait indefinitely.



Here, you need to be especially careful. Find out what the service includes: a translation only or a translation plus proofreading? This will help you assess whether the price is right. We also recommend that you ask who will perform the service. Having your translation done by native speakers with appropriate education and experience is best.



You have probably heard the saying: “We are not rich enough to buy cheap”. If the price is unusually low, think twice. Good translators have their price, especially when it comes to native speakers with many years of experience.

Also pay attention to the promised delivery date. If you are not in a terrible hurry and do not need the translation right away (which unfortunately does not happen very often nowadays), choose a provider that offers the most reasonable deadline. For your reference: translators who perform their work diligently can usually translate up to 2,500 words per day. To this, the time for proofreading must be added, while a lot also depends on the complexity of the text.


And now, get to work! Find the best agency! ?


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