Interpreting at the edge of rocket science

When nothing should get lost in translation – literally.

Interpreting is on our menu daily. As a translation partner of the Slovenian Police, we are aware that every mistranslation can have serious consequences. We know that every word matters and nothing should get lost in translation. So we choose our interpreters very carefully.

The interpreting services we perform for the Police are often urgent and in remote locations and can take a long time. Just recently, one of our interpreters was present at a hearing that took 10 hours. And yet she took it in stride and performed her job as professionally as it gets.


✔️ Experienced and reliable interpreters

Our interpreters are carefully chosen and have proven themselves many times, so we know we can rely on them one hundred per cent. They will arrive at your destination prepared and on time and perform their service professionally and diligently.

✔️ Live interpreting

With the constant development of new technologies and the ever-changing global situation, remote simultaneous interpreting or live interpreting has become the new thing. Whether you’re hosting a virtual conference or a business meeting, GORR’s interpreters can help through any web conferencing platform or device.

✔️ No hidden costs

All the costs of the interpreting, including travel and subsistence, will be relayed to you in advance for you to confirm.

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