Legally required accuracy

Complex legal translations

Complex legal requirements delivered in just three days.

Soon after GORR´s launch, we had to deal with a project that still stands as one of the most demanding in our history. In three days, we translated 150 pages packed with complex legal content from Slovenian to English. It may seem a miracle now but in practice the project involved assembling a team of seven excellent translators, some of them with a legal background, working day and night on these virtual piles of court papers. The result: a very happy client and an incredible bond with our translators. And of course, some invaluable experience for GORR!


✔️ Regulatory compliance

Our team of professional translators with long years of experience in the legal field makes sure your translations comply with all the relevant regulations. We also work with sworn translators that provide your translation with a stamp, so it is ready to be used in legal proceedings and submitted at institutions at home and abroad. Certified translations are something we deal with on a daily basis.

✔️ Privacy

Your privacy matters. So your legal content is safe with us. To make things official, we can also sign an NDA.

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