Localization services

Translation vs. localization services – what is the difference?

While everyone has heard of translation, not all that many people have heard of localization services. So, what is the difference? In essence, translation and localization services are really similar, but localization takes translation a step further. Rather than focusing purely on language, localization takes culture and a number of other factors into account. If you have a brochure with pictures, for example, we will suggest different pictures for different markets so that everything resonates with your new audience. There is also a lot more that goes into it, so if you would like to know more, we will be happy to talk you through it!

What type of localization services can GORR help with?

There are a lot of different ways localization services could be of benefit. Starting off with website localization, we can help adapt your website to your new audience. Rather than having a translation, you will get different versions of your website for each different language, while keeping the same brand message.

If you are a gaming company, game localization is a great option. Rather than translating the game and game related content, we will make sure everything fits the target culture, audience, legislation, etc. 

Moving on from games, software localization is also a good idea if you are looking at launching a software product in a new market. Our localization services will make sure you get a linguistically perfect and locally adapted version of your software.

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