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From a family company, GORR has rapidly expanded and become global. We are working with some of the most important players on the home market and abroad and cooperating with some of the largest translation companies. This requires us to have the best translators.

All our translators have long years of experience and are native speakers from all over the world. We assign translation jobs to them according to their expertise. At the beginning of our cooperation, they go through a careful recruiting process, and we constantly monitor their quality.

Most of all, however, our translators are our valuable partners who have been with us for many years, and we know we can rely on them.

The story behind GORR

Ever wondered where these four letters come from?

If you have ever wondered what the name “GORR” stands for, then wait no longer because we can solve the mystery behind these four letters.

Maybe you thought GORR was derived from a local expression for translation or for any other language service?

Actually, the answer is more personal.

GORR is a mixture of its founders´ initials: Gregor – Olivera – Rosulnik – (née) Radovanović, showing the strong roots of this family business, which since its very beginning has been focused on a successful international future.

Gregor, with his degree in Economics and experience in sales, and Olivera, a graduate in Sociology and International Relations combined with a multicultural life spent abroad, merged their talents and courageously took the leap into the mysterious world of translation.

Starting from an improvised balcony office and a laptop as their first “investment”, Gregor and Olivera managed to rapidly win their first major Slovenian clients before gradually moving on to conquer almost all European markets.

From its origins as a single language provider focused on translations to and from Slovenian to expanding its offer to a wider group of Balkan languages, GORR is today a multilingual language service provider covering the majority of languages spoken worldwide.

And guess what?

GORR’s founding duo still does it all with great passion and interest.

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