Professional editing & proofreading services

Editing and proofreading services

Searching for a trusted editing and proofreading service? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Let us start with a couple of questions. Do you handle your translations in-house? Or do you get them provided by your head office? Perhaps you ordered your translation and you are not sure about its accuracy? Would you like someone external to give you a bit of reassurance and make sure that they are perfect? If you are looking for that extra peace of mind, get in touch. We can help you by providing proofreading and editing services for your documents to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

What do our professional editing and proofreading services include?

The purpose of the proofreading service is pretty straightforward: to eliminate typos and grammatical errors, whilst adding a bit of a native speaker´s expertise. Here we usually refer to so-called monolingual proofreading, which means that a proofreader has no insight into the source content.

On the other hand, revision – often also referred to as editing – means bilingual proofreading, i.e. a proofreader checks the translated content against the source document. The second linguist, therefore, knows both languages and is perfectly capable of making content and style-related corrections.

Why choose GORR?

When it comes to editing and proofreading, we are aware that every detail matters and that there is no room for mistakes. That is one of the core reasons for you to entrust your translations to an accredited translation company. At GORR, we offer you:

  • High responsiveness and fast turnarounds
  • A friendly team available virtually 24/7
  • Customized workflows and thorough checks for accuracy
  • Multidisciplinary experience gained globally
  • Translations for all European and major world languages

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