Professional life sciences and medical translation services

Do you need a hand with life sciences translation services?

When you are dealing with life sciences translations, they are often classed as one of the most complex fields. And how could not they be when they bring together areas of science such as biology, biochemistry, chemistry, ecology and medicine. What is more, when you add in the need for translation of patent claims in molecular biology, biochemistry and other fields, it is vital to get a professional on board who will take care of your life science translations punctually and with care.

Medical translations? Not a problem!

For some people life sciences translations can be narrowed down to the translation of medical documentation. While some medical texts can be pretty simple (e.g. a doctor´s note), we also cater for complex medical documentation in all fields of medicine, including pharmacy and stomatology. We also take care of medical patents and patents for medical tech.

We cover all major world languages and are used to dealing with the requirements of life sciences and medicine that are crucial no matter where in the world you are looking to expand into. Plus, we only work with experienced medical and scientific translators who are used to handing whichever the area of medicine, pharmaceuticals or other life science fields you are dealing with.

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