Recipe for a perfect translation

Fancy a pancake? Dairy-free and egg-free? But with a spoonful of Nutella?
Why would ordering a translation be any different? Choose the desired ingredients and preparation methods, and we will make sure it tastes perfect.

Preparation time: 250 words per hour
Average rating: 5.0

2 hours of conversation with the client
1 project manager
1 licenced programme for project management
2 translators
3 licenced computer-assisted translation tools
1 client terminology
1 proofreader
1 quality assurance tool
1 client feedback


First prepare room for conversation. Add a project manager and patiently note the client‘s needs and wishes. Then add a pinch of the project management programme and call for the translator to start mixing the ingredients. Gradually add a teaspoon of client terminology and pour a glass of computer-assisted translation tool. Stir until smooth. Leave for a couple of minutes to let the quality management tool do its magic. Ask a carefully selected proofreader to check up on it before baking. Bake at 250 words a good hour so that the text becomes well-finished and rounded. Optionally add a filling at client’s demand and serve hot.
Bon appetit!

Additional advice

A perfect dish asks for a perfect chef and top assistants, fresh ingredients, traditional mum’s methods, the best accessories and plenty of time. If any of that is missing, the dish will not be as tasteful as it should be. You can have a great chef, the best ingredients, mum’s secret methods and high-end accessories, but if the time is short, you can quickly find yourself over or under-cooking the dish.
The same goes for translation! A perfect translation requires a skilled project team, an excellent and experienced translator, a participating client, modern technology and a substantial amount of time. Together we can conquer the world! 😊