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Gaming translation services

Are you a game developer and you are looking to launch your game abroad? Or you are a game testing lab trialing if a game is ready to go live or get upgraded? Are you a legal consultant keeping your gaming clients up to date with regards to the current gaming regulations? Whatever the case, you are going to need a reliable translation and localization partner which would transform the world of your games into the worlds and languages of your players, partners, clients or future investors, whether they speak German, Slovenian, Czech or Norwegian.

Challenges of gaming translation

If you want to have all these aspects of gaming covered, then you better search for a reliable partner with a versatile translation team ready to take each part of your gaming business and content to the next level. Translators need a mixture of software and IT know-how so they can help with the backend, UI and help contents. Plus there is a need for creative writers who can transform the virtual game world into their player´s reality and, last but not least, of business and legal experts which will know where to draw the line when it comes to the law and gaming local or international regulations.    

Game localization

If you are looking to take your translation a step further, you can opt for game localization services in all major languages. We will help adapt your game to the target country – its local audience, language and law.  

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